Handmade cards

Because it’s a season where everyone can use a little encouragement.

Today, I’ll make a couple handmade cards.

I doubt I’ll get as many done as I want to send out, but even one is a blessing to me and hopefully the person I send it to.

I want to reach out to our friends and extended family.

I can’t do it in person and talking on the phone wears me out, but I can write.

In every season of life, there’s always two sides: things which can be and those which can not.

Focusing on the can helps me remain open to the Lord’s leading.

When my heart remains grateful and thankful, I’m much better at being useful and loving.

Even when my abilities are very restricted.

Because God is so much bigger than my limitations.

He can use even the things I think are insignificant.

That’s why He’s God.

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank You for always being our help. Lord, You know each heart. You understand every struggle, each one’s personal trial, and we know throughout them all You are our help. You are our Comfort, our Rock of Salvation, our Refuge in the storm. You hold truth and peace and You give freely mercy, forgiveness, and love to those who seek You with their whole heart. Lord, You alone are the answer to the questions. You have all wisdom and knowledge. Please grant us the ability to be discerning, to follow in Your example of love and brotherly kindness. To be lights which shine brightly. Lord, help us to remain diligent in prayer, steadfast in faith, and honorable in all things before You. Please Lord Jesus, comfort the hurting, restore the lost, and bring the hearts of mankind back to a knowledge of You. For the glory of Your name, Jesus, we humbly ask these things. Amen.

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