Welcome to the family!

What a blessing!!

My husband’s younger brother and his wife had their baby.

A little boy.

This little man is such a blessing to our family.

My husband’s younger sister and her hubby have a little boy as well. He was also born in March.

As I watch my own granddaughter, and all the joy she brings me, I can only imagine the joy my husband’s parents are feeling.

Children are such an incredible blessing.

Yes, they are exhausting at times.

Yes, they can be quite expensive.

But the priceless treasure of children is so far beyond what they cost.

And I really believe my life has been molded and shaped by God through our children.

He has used these sweet people to teach me so much.

And I’m certain He will do the same with this precious little boy for our brother and sister-in-law.

Through this little boy, I am asking God to grow, direct, hone, and bless our brother and sister.

And I’m asking God to do the same thing for him, through his parents and relations.

Because God meant for families to bless, encourage, and love each other.

It isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t live nearby.

But through prayer we can stand before God on behalf of one another.

After all, every good gift and every perfect gift comes from God. James 1:17

This little boy is definitely the perfect gift of God!

Welcome to the family!

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