Beyond my expectations

Last night at the concert.

It’s been incredible,

Sis’s college and university years.

She’s not finished yet,

due mostly to time needed for motherhood.

However, I’d never expected her to be singing at this level.

As I held my first born, moments after delivery, I couldn’t imagine God’s plans for her life.

Even if I’d guessed what He might do, the truth is far beyond my expectations.

She is a wonderful mother and wife.

She’s a good student and a gifted musician.

Not only can she sing, she also plays piano and guitar.

She plans on adding more instruments as time allows.

And best of all:

She’s a lovely Christian lady.

After a performance last week, I told her how proud of her I was.

She smiled while responding,

“It’s all the Lord. I was messing it up in practice, but today it just came.”

During my pregnancy with her, when I was so very sick, I’d tell myself, “This is so worth it.”

As toddlerhood brought surprise difficulties and daily challenges.

I’d say it again.

Sometimes with tears.

One season in her life was particularly difficult, she seemed to be the target for multiple people.

I’d pray.

I’d do my best to encourage and speak correction on how to better handle the trials.

The Lord would remind me,

It’s so worth it.

Now, I’m seeing the fruit of years of toil.

And I can say,

It is so worth it.

She’s not just our daughter.

She’s also my friend.

Praise the Lord!