God directs his steps

Photo by N.K.

We were just trying to buy a birthday gift.

Sis, baby, and I were at the Christian book store, this weekend.

Unfortunately, what we wanted was sold out.

However, the owner was super helpful and got on his phone.

He called other stores in an effort to find what we were trying to purchase.

Other stores were also sold out, but online produced an opportunity and the owner ordered the gift.

The gentleman chatted with me as we finished up the purchase.

He told me he is a pastor.

Went to seminary and when he and his family came to the area many years ago God didn’t give him a church as he had expected.

Since he “needed to pay the bills” he took a job in a Christian book store.

Eventually, he bought it.

It was obvious, owning the store is his ministry.

He kindly inquired how to pray for me and my family.

“I pray for all my customers.”

I’m certain he was speaking the truth.

Jesus’s gentle love was so apparent not only in this pastor, but also in the other people who work there.

The store is a lovely enjoyable place to go.

Later, it struck me.

Owning and operating a Christian book store hadn’t been his plan.

But it was definitely God’s.

And what a blessing!

Our family has already shopped there a couple of times and we plan to return soon.

I wonder, would it even exist if this man and his family been given a church?

How wonderful to see God using this family’s circumstances to direct them into God’s plans for them.

Throughout my own life, most of my ideas about things have changed through God’s patience, His work through circumstances, and lovingly directing our family.

He’s also taught me so much through His Word.

And although it’s difficult to let go and learn to trust through every circumstance, it’s honestly the very best any of us can do.

Proverbs 16:9 NKJV — A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.