I didn’t expect it.

It wasn’t really any plan of mine.

But one of the things which has changed with our move has been my way of homeschooling.

In prayer, I was asking the Lord how to bring in more enjoyable lessons so we would have a variety.

That’s when the Lord talked to me about Art and Science day.

We try to do it once a month.

We began with watercolor because it’s what I had on hand.

I wasn’t expecting it to be such a hit.

But I’m so glad it is.

Our Anne has been painting in her free time.

It has been such a joy to watch!

Saturday, I was able to purchase her some better brushes and watercolor paper.

Yesterday, we both enjoyed watching a video watercolor lesson and creating our own pictures.

It’s been a two fold blessing.

First and foremost, I’m thrilled to watch our daughter learn and enjoy something new, something creative, something she enjoys.

But I’ve also been surprised by God’s love and His understanding.

As a child all I wanted to do was art in school.

I loved it.

I would sign up for Art class any chance I got.

But adulthood pushed that joy of creating into other forms.

Holding a baby in one arm makes painting very difficult.

So, I’ve scrap booked, I’ve made my own cards, I’ve sewed, and sometimes I have drawn.

My best creative outlet has been crocheting.

Rarely, even when teaching my kids or a class have I painted.

But it’s been good.

These have been wonderful years and I wouldn’t exchange any of the things the Lord has brought into my life.

Yet, He has never forgotten my love of creating in this way, even though I had.

It’s just another beautiful example of how good, how loving God truly is.

Praise the Lord!

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