Story telling

When I was a child, as far back as I can remember, I told stories.

More often to myself, than others, although I did tell stories to our neighborhood kids from time to time.

Most of them, I’ve forgotten.

Today, I thought I’d share one of these with you.

Of course, it will have a few minor changes to it to make sense.

I can’t give you the pictures inside my head without a little description.

There was a little princess.

She was happy and found of people.

Her young life had been filled with love and comforts granted by adoring parents.

One of her favorite things was waking up each morning.

It seemed as if the sun shined every morning, even if it was raining. This was due mainly to the cheery yellow room and soft pastels of the bed clothes.

The princess loved the freshness and expectation of a brand new day.

She’d hop out of bed and give her Nanny a hug and a “good morning”.

Nanny would be there to dress her and make sure her breakfast was eaten, her face was washed, and she was ready for her lessons.

One morning as Nanny was brushing her hair, the little girl noticed a house maid coming in to make up the bed.

“Nanny, why is she doing that?”

“So your room is fresh and clean as you, ready for the day,” Nanny’s gentle voice replied.

“But Nanny, why is she doing it? Why can’t I do it?”

Nanny stopped brushing and looked into the dark eyes.

“Would you like to learn?”

“Yes! It’s my bed and I’m getting bigger. I think I can do it.”

“Then you shall.” Nanny swung the little princess off the stool and lead her to the bed.

She carefully taught her to look for anything lost first.

Puzzled, the princess watched as Nanny’s hand found a sock.

“Oh! I lost that while I was sleeping!”

Then Nanny’s hand retrieved a stuffed giraffe from under the pillows.

“Oscar! He was hiding!” She squeezed him and giggled.

“Please put Oscar away so your hands are free. You will be doing the next part.”

Scurrying over to the toy bin, she deposited him quickly and scampered back.

“This sheet comes next. Take hold of it from the top and bring it up till it meets the place where the pillows go.”

The little girl’s head swung back and forth.

“What happened to my pillows?”

“I moved them to the bench. They go last, so we needed them out of the way. Tomorrow, you can move the pillows.”

“Now, take the sheet.”

With careful instruction the girl managed the sheet, at least on one side. She tilted her head in frustration at the rumpled mess opposite her.

“Nanny, I can’t. I can’t get it over there.”

“Well, what do you need to do?”

“Walk around the bed?”

Nodding, Nanny’s smile encouraged her.

She walked around and straightened out the other side.

“Why does it have to be so straight Nanny? It won’t be seen when I pull up the covers.”

Nanny’s kind eyes wrinkled in understanding.

“Sheets are funny, you think no one knows or can see, but they show themselves none the less.”

Her little face scrunched into a thoughtful pose.

“Here, let me help you with the covers.”

Nanny lifted them and helped her pull them straight.

“Now, look, you need to walk around and do the same thing there.”

Her little feet scampered to the other side and her small hands went to work.

“Now look down the sides, be sure they hang straight.”

The princess walked all around the bed pulling, smoothing, trying to get it to hang evenly.

After a while Nanny spoke again.

“It’s not going to be perfect your first time, so let’s move on. Grab the pillows.”

After a moment’s struggle, Nanny spoke again.

“Take one at a time, child.”

Then Nanny showed her how to place the covers over each pillow and smooth out any wrinkles.

They stood back and surveyed their task.

“Good job, little one. You shall do this every morning and soon it will become easy.”

“Nanny, I like to do things!”

Nodding, Nanny squeezed the small hand.

“It is good for you to do things little one. Yes, you are a princess and you have many blessings, but never let your heart be deceived. You have more and therefore you are responsible for more. Do all you can to serve, whether it’s taking care of your own things or caring for the things of others. Always be looking for ways to bring a little sunshine to someone else.”

The little princess learned to make her bed, and each day as she worked she thought about Nanny’s words.

She was determined to bring a little sunshine into someone’s life each day.

The End.

This was my own heart’s cry as a child and it’s still a yearning for today. I hope this little story brings you a small ray of Son shine.

James 1:17 KJV — Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

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