Birthday Season

Today is another birthday.

Our Bell is 19!

Monday we celebrated Anne’s upcoming birthday.

She will be 17.

Last week was Jase’s birthday.

Every year we celebrate birthdays along with Christmas.

Each year we’ve done it a little different.

I remember one year when a large portion of our extended family would be traveling. We decided to give all three a combination birthday party. I baked three cakes and we lined them up to sing and blow out candles.

Last year was unique. Anne was turning 16 so around lunch time on Christmas Day, our oldest daughter and her hubby transformed our house into a birthday party and we had cake, ice cream, and Anne opened gifts.

It doesn’t seem like a year already.

Where did my youngest’s girl’s 16th year go?

How did our Bell get so close to 20?!

Yet, I’m so thankful for it all.

Each year is a milestone.

Every person a gift from God.

What is better than to stop and praise God for each individual than by celebrating their birth?

At our house we call the month of December the “Birthday Season”.

Which I love.

I have the privilege of sharing the joy in the birth of each of our three youngest children with the insurmountable joy of the birth of my Savior.

Truly December is the Birthday Season!

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