Never too late…

I had a dream.

I wanted to share it with you.

There was a run down house.

It belonged to a farmer.

An old man known for his gruff words and harsh temper.

He worked hard every day on his farm, but he never did more than patch his old house.

A group of boys, led by a rapscallion of a teenager were full of mischief one day.

They had decided to play a prank on the old man.

Years ago, before they were even born a terrible storm had come and the man, young at the time, had boarded over all the windows to protect his home.

For some odd reason, every board still remained in place.

Those boys decided to jerk down the boards from the large window which faced the road.

Then they hid to see how the old man would respond.

When the old man shuffled into the house he didn’t look out the window like they expected.

Instead his eyes were fixed upon something laying on the table where the sunlight shone brightly.

He slowly went over and to the boys’ surprise, he sat down, sobbing, and lay his head on the table.

He just sat there with his head on the table, never looking out the window, weeping.

The boys were shocked and embarrassed.

They began to drift toward the road, but still in sight of the old man through that big picture window.

Suddenly another came past the house.

He saw the boys, but what surprised him most was the window and what he saw through it.

His voice was lost after the first ejaculation of surprise.

Tentatively the youngest boy asked, “Mr. Maccullin, why did old Jasper leave his windows boarded up?”

The man rubbed his chin and patted the boy gently on the shoulder.

“Well, he was married back then, to a pretty little woman who adored him. She took sick during that storm and died so sudden like, he never really recovered.”

Mr. Maccullin and the boys all went away, carrying the sad picture of the old man with them.

The next day was Sunday.

The boys and Mr. Maccullin along with all the folks had a great shock that morning.

In walked the old man.

He was cleaner and wore a smile.

Underneath his arm was a well used Bible.

He walked straight to the pastor and asked if he might share a quick word.

The pastor nodded solemnly.

With a shaky voice the old man spoke.

“I don’t know who dun it. But God used someone’s fool prank to get me back. You see ever since I lost my dear wife, I’ve been mad at God. But He never did give up on me. Yesterday, when I walked in the house, there was a huge ray of sunlight shining upon my dear Elsie’s Bible. It still lay open, same as the last time she was reading it. I know, my dear Elsie is with Jesus and I want to be there too.”

He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and sat down.

The Reverend stepped forward and spoke, “On this Earth, it’s never too late to come to Jesus.”


It’s true.

No matter what tragedy or selfishness has kept someone refusing the love of Jesus Christ, it’s never too late, on this Earth, to surrender.

And for those of us who already know the blessed love of Jesus as a daily miracle, it’s a reminder.

Don’t ever stop loving others, especially those who are difficult.

Instead pray that the ray of God’s Son will shine into their heart and soul and save them.

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