“Evil tidings…”

“He will not be afraid of evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD,” Psalm 112:7

Weeks ago, these words leapt off the page.

They have been a comfort as well as thought provoking.

Am I “not afraid of evil tidings”?

When I first read these words, my answer was, “no, I do fear bad news”.

Of course I know that’s not God’s will and these words have helped me walk away from the fear.

As I meditated on the profound truth, it struck me.

The righteous isn’t fearless, because bad news will never come.

He’s fearless due to his relationship with God.

The righteous understands God and doesn’t have a worry or a concern about the future due to that understanding.

I get that.

God has been so incredibly faithful to me, my entire life.

When things seemed at their worst, He carried me through.

With the knowledge of God and His goodness, it’s natural to not fear evil tidings.

But the enemy of our souls doesn’t want that, and it only takes a short while to see.

The slithering doubting thoughts often flying through the mind are not God.

It takes purposeful effort to weed out the seeds of fear and doubt.

It’s worth it, though.

How wonderful to be free of fear!

To not fear evil tidings.

To be unconcerned for the future, but live content in today.

Quite the difference from the average, but what a blessing.

With each new day comes the opportunity.

Will I have contentment


will I choose to be afraid?

God’s helping me to choose, each and every day.

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for these words. Thank You for being the reason I can be called righteous, since I would never be on my own. Lord Jesus, please continue to teach me how to walk in the place where fear is absent and contentment is present. Thank You that Your faithfulness is the reason for that as well. May my life, lived with You, bring Your light to others.

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