What are you biting into?

This weekend did not follow my expectations.

But some verses jumped out at me during church.

For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” But if you bite and devour one another, beware lest you be consumed by one another!
Galatians 5:14‭-‬15 NKJV

These words are just before the topic of yesterday’s sermon, Bearing fruit for the Kingdom, focusing on the fruit of the Spirit.

Galations 5:22-23

And it struck such a picture in my soul.

The words and actions of today can easily be placed in one of two categories: flesh or Spirit.

My heart sunk as I recalled some of the rebuff my spouse had received from me only the night before.

I’d bitten into him rather than the fruit of the Spirit.


My heart’s prayer reflected the sorrow at my own fleshly treatment of my dear husband.

So this morning was a blessing indeed.

He called me at 5:30am to ask me to bring his keys to him.

He apologized, knowing the drive is very unfamiliar to me and driving in the dark when you’re unsure of the route is even more distracting.

Yet, I choose the fruit of the Spirit and felt both love and kindness towards my sweet husband as I threw on clothes and jumped in the car.

My opportunity to walk in the Spirit was only beginning.

It took a very short distance for me to realize my navigation system was unheard.

I can’t hold my phone while driving so I just tried to look at it often and not miss any turns.

I was feeling relieved when I saw it was less than ten minutes to the mill when I looked up to see flashing lights.

A train.

I pulled up cautiously.

I waited.


The train wasn’t moving, at all.

When the other cars in line all began turning around I began to feel concern.

“Lord, what should I do?”

I finally decided to follow.

I had not the slightest idea where to go.

But while waiting for the train I had been able to get the sound fixed so I could hear where to turn and not take my eyes from the road.

As I drove back trying to guess where to go next the navigation system continued to tell me to “make a U turn”.

I finally found another road which the navigation system liked and was headed down the road.

After a curve I realized I had a problem.

Same train.

So, I turned around again.

Went farther back.

Finally ended up on a main road I recognized.

Believe it or not I felt God’s Spirit and was able to rejoice through all of this.

Then came a place where the road peals off into two roads.

I was supposed to “stay left”.

However, I managed to get in the left turn lane instead.

So, as I realized my error the navigation system recalculated and I was relieved to see I could get there just as quickly.

I continued to drive until I saw it.

Same train.

I had to laugh!

“Thank You, Lord for this lesson! Thank You for the opportunity to walk with You and learn these roads.”

I didn’t turn around.

I simply waited.

The train was moving and I didn’t see any reason to try again.

I had such peace as I drove to the mill and dropped the keys off.

As I pulled back onto the main road my navigation system spoke up:

“Make a U turn!”

I’d not re-entered my new destination: home.

Turn it off. I’ll guide you.

And I did.

And He did.

Then my heart’s joy was overflowing.

The Lord had answered so many of my prayers and the best one was helping me walk in the Spirit rather than in the flesh.

Praise God!

Dear Jesus,

Thank You so much for this lesson. Please help me to continue to walk in Your fruit and not to bite into those around me with my actions or my words. Lord, thank You for getting me safely through so many challenges. I know You are faithful and I’m so very thankful.

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