God can be trusted

It seems silly.

Why write something which is so very logical?

God created the universe and everything in it.

God sent His Son, Jesus, to pay the price for our sin.

Jesus, God-as-man, loves every single one of us.

Of course He can be trusted!

And yet,

my heart has to speak those words.

I have to remind myself of the truth.

Because life doesn’t always work the way I expect.

Pain, sin, struggle, tragedy are all part of living in this fallen world.

During those times I must remember that God can be trusted.

Lately, He has asked me to take it a step further.

Lately, our lives have been one answered prayer after another.

One obvious blessing or direction after another.

It’s almost felt “too good to be true”.

And that’s where God has been asking me to stretch, to trust in a new way.

You see, after all these trials, one on top of another, I’ve begun to become cynical.

I’ve caught myself thinking:

“Well…I wonder what is going to go wrong?”

“This is nice, but are we in over our heads?”

“What if…!?”

And with each thought the Lord speaks.

Can you trust Me?

Yes, Lord! I trust You!

Do you trust Me enough to just live in today?

Ohh, ouch…!

I want to trust like that.

To only do the task at hand without worrying about the next one.

I want to trust God so deeply that I can enjoy the moment without worrying over the mountains in front of me.

The kind of trust which sees a concern or an issue and quietly takes it before my Lord, lays it at His feet, and


The kind of trust which never fears bad news, because I’m secure in my Lord and Savior.

I’m not there yet.

But, I’m

patiently hopefully learning

all the amazing ways

God can be trusted.

2 thoughts on “God can be trusted

  1. Stan Smith

    I understand all of this so much, Hope! I feel the Lord speaking to me on exactly the same issue.. Trust!..
    I suffer from anxiety and each day I have some battle with something ! “, it may be a small thing, (often is) that I escalate into a big thing , or, it can be a bigger mountain, something more serious… and then my anxiety takes off big style! The Lord has been asking me to Trust Him… I know this is the answer to my anxiety…. Yet again, through you, dear Hope, he has spoken to me the exact same thing.. Trust me….!!

    So here I go for today for tomorrow for our big party next week which has taken up so much time in planning ..

    For my children, for my husband with his newly diagnosed heart problem and all the family.

    The list is endless.

    I am waking up this morning to your blog on Trust.

    So happy that you and Jered and the family are being blessed in your new home. Your health seems better already, Hope !

    It will be hard not to see you in your usual home in Camas when we visit. (God willing next June) *or at the Church… I’m sure you are all greatly missed there… Going past your old house will seem strange, you not being in it. Camas without you dies seem strange!

    We will look forward though, to driving to see you. We are hoping we can stay at the Pastor’s retreat we were offered up near the Roseburg area somewhere.. We shall keep you in the loop nearer the time. Lots can happen between then and now.

    Love to you all 😘

    1. hope Post author

      My dear sweet friend! Thank you for sharing your struggles with me. I will be praying for you and your family and all those things. I’m glad the Lord is speaking to us at the same time. Trust is so vital to our relationship with Christ Jesus. I’m glad we can support each other as we strive to trust more. May God bless and comfort you today. 💗


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