To be remembered

“He has made His wonderful works to be remembered;

The LORD is gracious and full of compassion.” Psalm 111:4 NKJV

Oh, how easy it is to forget.

This life of chore lists, phone messages, texts, emails, appointments, and duties can all sweep away the memory.

But God’s wonderful

(let that adjective and all it’s meaning steep in your soul)

God’s wonderful works were made to be remembered.

Who is to remember these wonderful works?

I am.

You are.

Those who have come before us.

Those who will come after us.

His works are to be remembered so we might better understand

who God is.

Infact the verse continues with two of God’s attributes:

“The LORD is gracious and full of compassion.”

The direct effect of the psalmist remembering God’s wonderful works.

Therefore, it’s important that the effort be made.

The purposeful act of recalling to mind God’s works.

The Lord gave the Israelites the monuments of stones to remember crossing the Jordan.

He made it clear why.

It was to tell their children what God had done.

To pass on a moment in history, where God worked in a marvelous way.

They needed to remember what that work was.

The same is true for us.

It’s worth taking the time to stop and recall God’s wonderful works in our own lives.

It’s precious, spending some moments preserving those memories.

It’s valuable to declare to others the wonderful workings of Christ in our lives.

For in the remembrance

we will find


Wonderful LORD.

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