Leaning upon the One Who blesses me.

This is my Grandfather.

He adopted my Dad and to my knowledge was the only father he ever knew.

I still remember him.

He did a lot of traveling,

as long as I can remember.

He and my grandmother (my Dad’s mother) had purchased an RV and would travel from Texas to California.

And back again.

When my grandmother died, Grandpa kept up the tradition.

He passed away the summer after my Freshman year.

I really know very little about him.

I remember his pipe.

He always smelled of pipe tobacco.

I remember the Tea Cup Poodles.

He always had one.

I remember he was very tall.

And this past week, as I was placing family photos in a collage frame, I realized something.

“This is a picture of my mother’s mom and this one is her dad. Here’s a childhood photo of Dad’s mom as a little girl.”

I paused and looked at the pictures.

Each was carefully placed inside the frame.

The end result was nice.

But my heart was sad.

“I don’t have any pictures of Grandpa, my dad’s dad.”

It wasn’t until much later in the day that I found an envelope.

It wasn’t familiar.

So, I opened it.

Inside I was surprised to find,


As well as some other black and white photos.

“Lord! Thank You!”

Gratitude flowed from my heart.

The Lord has blessed me so much in the last few weeks.

He provided a home.

He’s given my husband a new job.

The Lord has carried us through doctor’s appointments and moving details.

He’s renewed my strength and been healing my body.

He’s even brought us together with new people and a new church.

And as if that all wasn’t enough,

He provided me with finding a photograph inside an old envelope.

I didn’t even know I had it.

Frankly, I don’t remember seeing the picture of Grandpa before nor the envelope.

It was like Jesus had reached out His arms and offered me to lean in.

Are you willing to let Me bless you, even in this?

And I just stopped.

“Lord, I’m stunned, that You would give me an even deeper understanding.”

There’s nothing like the love of God.

It’s far greater, far deeper than I can understand.

I’m so thankful for Jesus.

I’m so grateful for the love I simply can’t comprehend.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your love. Thank You for blessing me and my family. Thank You for reminding me that You have all these details in Your hands.Thank You for the peace, which flows when I surrender my everything into Your hands. Lord, I have so much yet to learn. Father, I am so humbled by Your grace. Please use my life, to shine Your truth to others. Thank You so much for teaching me how to lean into You.

2 thoughts on “Leaning upon the One Who blesses me.

  1. Stan Smith

    Hi Hope. I loved this story….. So happy you have found a new church home too! Praise God! Is it far from your home? Your health is improving all ready from what you say? This is good news ❤️

    1. hope Post author

      God has been so good to me! Our church is about fifteen minutes away. My health has definitely been improving and I’m so thankful.💗


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