Finding my voice

I could hardly believe it.

As the truth dawned,



and then

rolled silently down.

As I sang.

I didn’t sing just one line.

It wasn’t only the chorus.

I sang the whole song.

And the truth came like a revelation.

“God, I’m worshipping again!”

It’s been one of the hardest parts of this illness.

I’ve been unable to sing.

Which has been very sad for me.

I’ve loved singing since a young child in Sunday school.

To surrender my heart’s longing

of lifting my voice in praise

has handicapped me more than

when my voice is completely gone.

As I stood

in church

voice raised in song

my heart swelled.

The truth is beyond this Sunday.

It happened last Sunday


the Sunday before.

I’ve been able to sing,

to praise,

my Heavenly Father

for weeks.

And it didn’t occur to me until today.

The truth has blessed me beyond

anything I could


And He did it

by helping me

to find



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