Nothing severe

Anne has been feeling better.

Praise the Lord!

When she decided to bake mini apple pies from the abundance of apples in our yard,

I gave her the thumbs up.

She loves baking.

Infact, she’s spoken of her desire to learn all she can when it comes to cakes, pastries, and other baked goods.

This summer she has truly enjoyed her time working a few hours each week at the bakery and restaurant where we lived.

It was a sad moment when I had to tell her to quit due to her declining health.

She’s not giving up on learning to bake.

And I’m not giving up on learning what has caused her health problems.

Infact her allergy screening was yesterday afternoon.

It’s a bit more than an hour to the doctor’s office and I enjoyed the time together.

I knew she was nervous.

Trying to reassure her,

I had spoken of my experience last December.

I’d packed a book to read aloud.

She had brought homework.

I felt prepared.

But I wasn’t.

Anne was laying down.

Her back was carefully numbered.

Under each was a scratch where the allergen had been administered.

As Anne quizzed me,

I felt at a loss as to how to respond.

“Well? What am I allergic to? Can you tell?”

Although marked,

nothing stood out as a reaction.

Her body wasn’t revealing any allergies.

Not being a medical professional,

I suggested we wait to see what the nurse said.

I resumed my reading.

The nurse returned and confirmed there wasn’t anything she was showing an allergy to.

Then she informed us that Anne would need to undergo another test.


Eight of them.

Anne doesn’t like shots.

At all.

But after hearing this the nurse spoke with the doctor who decided to only test Anne with five.

Neither of us had expected shots,

but I watched, silently prayed,

and tried to give courage as she received five shots in one arm.

More waiting to see what her body would do.

The doctor came in and checked on her as well as the nurse.

At last the time was up.

“Nothing severe.”

I looked, almost with unbelief, as the doctor repeated.

“Nothing severe. She doesn’t have any real allergies, just a very mild one to dust mites.”

I wanted to sing and shout for joy!

I wanted to dance and praise the Lord!

Instead, I sat quietly listening to the doctor explain what we could do to manage Anne’s asthma and treat what allergy symptoms she might have.

We left and I still couldn’t display my joy and relief.

Anne was glad too.

But she couldn’t grasp and I couldn’t express my joy.

Since my own allergy screening revealed a severe allergy to dust mites as well as allergies to cats and dogs, plus other lesser allergens, I’ve had to look at life completely differently.

When the doctor looked me in the eye and said,

“You shouldn’t have pets”,

I realized my lifestyle was never going to be the same.

And we’ve made the changes which my health has required.

Our two cats have new homes.

Rose now lives with my mother on the ranch.

(Which is closer to Bell, so she gets to visit her often.)

And it is worth it.

I’m actually up doing things.

I was able to drive to the doctor’s, be there three hours, drive back to the city, buy groceries and then drive home, to unpack and help put away.

Even a month ago I couldn’t have done that much.

So when I heard Anne isn’t severely allergic to anything I couldn’t have been happier.

It means her future will be more flexible and her lifestyle can look different than mine.

And I’m so thankful.

Not to be misunderstood.

I’m not upset I have allergies.

I know God is in control,

even of that.

But I am thrilled beyond measure,

that Anne


nothing severe.

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