Another step

It had been a long day.

I’d heard from Anne a few times.

It was the first day of school and she was looking forward to seeing her teachers and the school secretary.

But what I had been unaware of was how she was feeling.

So when my husband called to inform me he was driving from work to pick her up I was surprised.

“She said her chest is really hurting and she’s taken her rescue inhaler a lot. It’s not helping. Should I get her to the Urgent Care?”

After more conversation we decided the best course of action required her relocation.

Tim and Sis had gone to a movie, so I texted them to get in touch with me when they were available.

Sis texted back right away asking what I needed.

After a brief explanation they responded promptly.

Despite the fact that Tim had to get up at 3am for work, they left the theater to meet my husband on his way up.

He too had to be up very early so it cut the three hour drive nearly in half.

When she arrived I gave her a breathing treatment and put her in bed.

The following day I watched her closely, spoke to the nurse at her doctor’s office, implemented her suggestions and prayed.

I was relieved by the end of the day.

By today’s end, my heart was encouraged by her progress.

She has an appointment next week and I’m hoping we can pin down all of the details on her health.

It’s just another step in the walk of life.

Sometimes I want to be frustrated and angry.

I want to feel sorry for myself and pout.

But those things are a waste.

They waste my efforts upon useless nonsense.

Instead my energy is much better used to praise God.

Praising Him for my husband, daughter, and son-in-law.

Praising God for the nurse who listened and gave me the right direction for her treatment.

Praising God for the provision of house, bed, food, medicine, and the physical energy to take care of our girl.

And it’s another step of faith.

Do I trust God in all things?

Will I choose to follow no matter how hard it gets?

Has my relationship with my Jesus more room to grow?


And since yes is the answer I can look forward without fear.

Because no matter what the day holds,

it’s simply another step

in the adventure.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your faithfulness. You know it’s been a temptation to look at the problem instead of at You. Please help me to keep my eyes focused upon You. Please continue to carry our family as we walk this path. Hold us in Your hands and let us look only to You. Please break in pieces anything which would hinder our relationship with You. Thank You for all the ways You are working through this walking.

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