Quietly before the Lord

Anne made this for me and I love it.

All these photos are places which hold dear memories for me of the lovely people of that country.

And I’m so thankful to God for so many wonderful godly people He has placed in our lives.

Just this morning while in prayer I received four texts from different people all checking on me and our family.

Each one praying for us.

And it is in prayer I’ve found the strength to smile through all these trials.

As I spoke with the Lord I was thanking Him for our times of talk.

I was thanking Him for how close I know He is.

For the blessings He has granted me throughout this long path.

I thanked Him for these wonderful times of quiet prayer each morning.

My heart was soft and my ears open to Him.

Without your illness, you wouldn’t have taken the time for prayer.

-ooh my!-

“Really Lord?!”

But He didn’t need to answer.

I’ve been told many times: You’re a doer.

And it’s true.

I see my life as valuable through what I can point to as my accomplishments.

I know it’s not where my value lies, but I’m always looking for the next thing to do.

This illness has stripped me of the ability to do.

I have had to surrender all my ideas, plans, and even dreams into the hands of God.

And instead I have received the blessings of quietness before the Lord.

To simply sit and listen for His voice, His plan, and His Word.

To be given value from Him and to feel security in His love is so much greater than anything I have done.

To have the privilege of discourse with the Almighty every day has been incredible.

Prayer and quiet time have taken on a depth and comfort beyond expression.

I’m so grateful to God for it.

These past two years have been some of the most difficult times in our family’s history and they are not over.

But I praise God for them.

Because quietness before the Lord has become my ordinary instead of my unusual.

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