A blessed Sunday morning

I drove down Saturday afternoon so we could get up early and drive up to visit a church which we love, but due to the travel, don’t attend often.

My husband and I have been blessed to know Pastor Rod and his wife Patty since before we were married.

Their son and my husband were Boy Scout friends.

And they’ve invited us up for a visit many times recently.

Their concern and prayers for my health as well as our family’s struggles have been consistent.

Pastor Rod’s texts to my husband have been such an encouragement to both of us.

However, we knew that I might not be able to stay.

I’ve not been able to attend a regular church service in months.

So as the worship began, I sat, while everyone stood.

I prayed silently, while everyone else sang.

I praised God with my hands, using the tiny amount of ASL I have learned to it’s fullest degree.

As the worship flowed into teaching I was nervous.

My chest was doing okay, but I never know when it might require my speedy exit.

Yet, I sat and listened and followed along in my Bible.

And as the sermon ended with prayer my eyes began to fill with tears.

I had been through an entire service without any asthma trouble.

Pastor Rod met us afterwards.

We told him of our blessing: the first time I had made it through an entire service without struggle in months.

His compassion was evidenced by the fatherly hug he gave me.

Afterwards we went to lunch.

At first my breathing was difficult and constricted, but my rescue inhaler worked and we enjoyed a meal and conversation.

As we got into the car I looked at my husband.

His face showed the same joy my heart was singing.

We truly had such a blessed Sunday morning.

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