Lovely connection

Anyone who really knows our Bell isn’t surprised by this photo.

She’s such a light-hearted, fun loving person.

Infact I am nearly certain I’ve called her our Otter.

(From the insightful talks by Dr. Gary Smalley and Dr. John Trent.)

Yet, our Bell is serious too.

She’s been seeking the Lord for His path for her and we are expecting Him to speak during this trip of work and friends.

After all it was a similar time when our Sis heard the Lord direct her calling and she is currently walking in obedience to it.

Truly, the connection on my phone while video chatting with our Bell this morning was nice.

But connecting heart to heart with our Bell, even for a few minutes was lovely.

I was also blessed to hear from our friend who the girls are staying with and to see Bell’s best friend smile.

The lingering warmth of love between our daughter and myself is a cherished moment.

I love that our relationship is merging from parent and child to parent and adult.

I’m blessed to watch her choose Jesus and serve Him.

I have the privilege of standing aside to see what God will do.

And in about two weeks time, I’m excited to hear all the Lord has done.

What a lovely connection we share together.

Our love of one another and our love of Jesus.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for this opportunity for these young ladies. Please bless them. Open their hearts and minds. Let them see You in a fresh way. Let their personal relationship with You deepen. Please bless all those who are hosting our girls. Please bring them safely home again. Thank You for the wonderful relationship we have together. Let it continue to be the mirror which shines Your love to those who have yet to know You.

4 thoughts on “Lovely connection

  1. Stan Smith

    Hope they have a great stay…. Not sure we will get to see them, we are away for half of this current week and over the weekend. Then the following week on the Friday, we leave for France and we away a week… Our plan is to get over to Oregon again next June 2020 it’s my 60th birthday end of Feb 😮, so my birthday treat! …… We will keep you posted on that… Love you guys. Xx

  2. Stan Smith

    PS. From Linda not Stan. This is my own personal email. But Stan and I are on the same phone contract in his name.. Hence the reason. His name is there!! But this is my own E mail if you check the photo it’s me!! Love Linda x


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