Why are babies helpless?

How sweet is this!?!

My hubby holding our darling granddaughter.

He wasn’t sleeping,

just so comfortable.

The kind of comfortable which allows one to completely relax.

I sat nearby.

Enjoying the moment.

It was watching our granddaughter with her mother and father which caused me to ponder.

Why did God choose to make babies so utterly helpless and dependent?

Many types of animal babies are able to walk soon after birth.

Yet it can take more than a year for our babies.

There must be a reason.

I don’t know the entire answer, but as I watched our family care for and love our family baby I felt as though I understood God better.

Our baby does very little yet.

Her needs are many.

Her mother nurses her, changes her, washes her, carries her, and protects her.

At no time does her baby say “please” or “thank you”, because she doesn’t talk yet.

Neither does she give her mother or father any service whatever.

But all of us take such pleasure in her.

Her smiles and her baby noises bring us so much joy.

Her small body tucked up in a blanket sleeping peacefully is a blessing.

We all care for her.

And she has never done anything to earn any of it.

We love her, because she is.

How much more does God do for each of us?

From the very beginning with the creation of Adam and Eve, God has loved and cared for each person.

His faithfulness is neverending.

Yet, just like our baby, we simply can’t understand some things.

She doesn’t realize her mother is helping her when she quickly moves her away from something dangerous.

She only knows that it startles and frightens her and she looks up with confusion and hurt into her mother’s face.

We too often find circumstances frightening and startling, and our first reaction is, “Why did You allow that!?”

Yet, if we could see and understand what He knows, how different our response would be.

If our family can find immeasurable joy in our daughter’s baby, how much more joy does God feel when we turn our lives over to His will?

How much pleasure can it bring Him when we choose to stand in the face of fear and rest our hearts in His hands?

What kind of love can we truly find in Our Lord Jesus?

I know the feeling in my own heart for our sweet granddaughter.

And I know Jesus’s love is far greater.

Why are babies so helpless?


just maybe

to let us truly see our own


and to look for the One

Who will and does care for all our


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