Often patience is fleeting.

At least I find it so.

I think I’m patient until something happens to show the truth, I’m not patient without Jesus.

On my own I’m interested in the “now”.

I want things done.

I want to see things happen.

I want…

But wait, isn’t it better to learn how to enjoy the process?

As we work on our yard, making it more able to build, I find I’m not as patient as I’d like to think.

Yesterday as I went to the doctor, I realized I’m not as patient with my body either.

I want to be well and healthy.

I want to do things without having to think about being careful.

I want…

But wait, I want to surrender.

God knows what is best.

God is guiding us.

God is providing and in reality this illness has been used by Him in amazing ways.

Maybe I need to work on being patient.

Patience is a gift from God.

Grace and long suffering are also gifts from God.

Which is more valuable, that I get my emidiate wants or that I walk in God’s will?

Isn’t it funny how a change in perspective can help one see where the true value is!

So, I’m looking for more of Jesus in my everything.

I’m thanking Him for the blessings of discomfort to teach me patience.

I really do want His gifts, for their value is far above any physical treasure.

Even if finding those gifts means walking through discomfort.

It is the blessing of God to see life’s stretching, uncomfortable, circumstances as ultimately

a gift



For this world is not our home…

John 14:3

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