Good and faithful servant

I realized this morning that those words are life changing.

Many years ago, as I read my Bible I read those words and realized how much I long for that to be me.

When I reach heaven, I want to hear: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

And yet I am a wretched sinner who struggles daily with simply living in and walking in God’s will.

At that moment Jesus opened my heart and showed me: it comes down to surrender.

If I choose, moment by moment, to surrender my very thoughts before the Lord Jesus then I will be shown the path of servant-hood.


Because that’s exactly what Jesus did.

He left the glory and magnificence of heaven for the humility of humanity.

And he didn’t even come as a wealthy proud dictator.

He came as a humble carpenter rabbi.


He purposely threw off all mankind’s ideas of what the important people “do”.

He came to serve.

And to hear those words, I too need to place priority on service.

And it is servant-hood before Jesus.

All the service done to man is worthless if I’m not serving Christ first.

So as I walk into today, I’m glad of the memory and the reminder.

I want to hear the Father call me a good and faithful servant.


Please help me to surrender all myself today and simply walk with You as a servant. Help me to hear Your voice and to respond quickly to Your calling. Please help me to learn Your Word each day that I might not sin against You. For I do not want anything to hinder my walk with You, Jesus. Thank You so much for loving me.”

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