“Commit your works…”

“Commit your works to the LORD, and your thoughts will be established. ” Proverbs 16:3 NKJV

These words are full of wisdom and the promise is wonderful.

Yet, how does one commit their works to the LORD?

Does that mean make a plan, put it in action, and tell God this is for You?

Does it mean going to the church leadership, doing a task which is needed, and then announcing to the Lord, this is for You?

Does it mean finding the most desperate people and pouring resources into them, and looking to God and stating, this is for You?


Instead of coming up with ones own ideas, plans, perceptions, or efforts it means something very different.

Put down the list of great acts for God.

Place the desires of fulfilling wonderful need with your efforts at the cross.

Unpack your own ideas and come empty before Christ Jesus.

Wait as a servant before your Maker.

Listen for His voice and direction.

Seek only a relationship with Jesus, nothing more.

For when we empty ourselves, we are able to be filled.

Why does God need our ideas?

Does He not see far better?

What advantage can we actually offer the Creator of all things?

Instead, humility and quiet surrender.

When the heart is empty of self and willing to serve, what an amazing opportunity.

That’s what these words mean.

And the promise is incredible.

If one will openly wait for Jesus to guide all their works, their very thoughts will be established in what Jesus has for them.

He promises to fill the emptiness which once was full of self with something far more valuable.

And what is better than a heart full of Jesus?

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