Maybe it’s because…

Maybe it’s because I was born in the desert, where trees are carefully maintained.

Maybe it’s because my favorite place to play as a child was the silver maple tree in our front yard.

Maybe it’s because of the countless times I’ve read all the Narnia books where trees are able to talk and move and dance.

Maybe it’s because God’s creation thrills me.

Whatever the source I’ve always been a little bit like Anne of Green Gables, never really out grew my love of nature.

So when my asthma caused me to walk outside in search of fresh air, I headed for our woods.

(I’m still praising God we didn’t have to cut all the trees.)

And it was here, in the outdoor classroom I found rest.

My chest wasn’t tight.

My mind wasn’t racing over my “to do” list.

I was able to simply rest.

And in that rest my heart found so many things to praise God for.

Simple things, like showing me I had all the ingredients to make popcorn balls last night as I realized I had failed to get something for teacher appreciation.

The limbs I found this afternoon which my hubby promised to spray paint white.

The other details which have fallen together as the baby shower gets closer.

The fact that after only a few moments search, I found my calligraphy pens which I haven’t seen in months.

The blessing of being able to finish the diploma, (why I was looking for those pens) which will be presented tomorrow evening.

The hope of a future for our family.

The promise of joy in watching God walk each of us forward into His will.


Dear Jesus,

There’s so little I understand about how You are going to answer the questions in our lives. Yet, I have seen You working and I know You’re good. There is nothing and no one who compares to You. Please, Jesus, hold me in Your hand and continue to help me find rest and thankfulness.

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