Three steps…

In March and April, nearly our entire house was packed and moved out so my husband could paint and tear out carpet.

Since then I’ve been going through boxes, trying to find things.

Most of our stuff will remain packed.

But I’ve been in need of some school books which I thought I’d left out.

In searching I found this book my mom gave me years ago.

I’ve intended to read it many times.

Something about the title crystalized the feeling of our house and my health.

I’ve been reading it.

I’m not finished, but I have been encouraged.

Pastor Chuck Swindol has been a familiar voice throughout my childhood as Mom listened regularly.

Many Sundays when I’ve been too sick to attend our fellowship I’ve watched him on YouTube.

And I’m thanking God for his insight in this book.

He uses Job as our example of how to handle life-tragedies-trials-pain.

He’s spot on too.

Job has inspired me many times.

The days of broken-confusion when my heart threatens to burst, and my mind is left with few comforts, my example is Job and Jesus.

Job is a hero of faith.

He lost everything.

And he praised God.

Jesus is our Savior.

He put down everything.

And then He died,

for me!

As well as every single person created in God’s image.

When I look around at the state of my house or yard or schedule, I can feel like I’m taking more than two steps backwards.

But when I look at Scripture and my family and my Father,

I realize…

It is all worth it.

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