Thankful for my asthma

Here we are!

At track.

Our good friend stood on Bell’s blocks for her.

Both meets he’s done it for the 400.

Bell likes me to be at the finish line and Daddy at the second corner, so it was great to have another to weight down her blocks.

And God really blessed her.

She was sick yesterday, but was still able to win both the 400 and the 200.

I was blessed to see her give it her all even though she was feeling awful.

The day held special blessings for our girl.

Even an enormous answer for Bell and our prayers for direction.

The biggest surprise was what happened between races.

Bell and I were standing near the 200 start line.

I had been helping her stretch out and the 800 girls went by.

We watched although none were familiar.

The main group passed and we casually discussed the runners and their individual techniques.

When another runner came up.

She was way behind and obviously in pain.

Instantly, Bell shouted encouragement.

We watched her pass the first corner and then collapse into the grass on the second.

Bell ran over to her and I watched and prayed.

People were busy about the girl and it didn’t take but a few moments for two people on her team to sprint away toward the bleachers.

It was scary to watch, but I knew the Lord was there.

Eventually things seemed to improve and she was helped up and left.

Bell walked back over.

“What was it? Is she going to be alright?”

“Yeah, it was an asthma attack. But I was able to help her get calmed down and to stop panicking. Cause, you know, it doesn’t help anything. They got her inhaler and she’s going to be fine.”

“Oh, wow!”

“Yeah, she kept saying she didn’t finish and I offered to walk her down the track so she could but she decided not to.”

And that was all.

Bell was sad for her.

I could tell she felt for the other runner.

Since Bell was running again soon our attention went back to duties.

Yet upon reflection I found myself choked up.

Bell knew exactly what to do and what was happening with the runner because of my asthma.

I didn’t realize when we walked into the meet I’d be thankful for my asthma.

Yet, I am.

God used our struggles to help someone else.

Which is so very much

Who He is.

What the enemy means for evil,

God uses for good.

Jesus has used it in so many ways.

He has taught us to focus on what really is eternal.

He has used it to bind us closer together.

And yesterday He helped a girl we don’t even know.

But Jesus knows her and I feel so thankful He choose to use our Bell to help her.

And in it all we can glorify the Father.

What an amazing God

He is.

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