That’s our Bell.

This was her final race of the day.

I stood expectantly.

Holding her water, sweats, and other shoes.

Chest heaving, she knuckled the racers on either side.

I still waited at the sideline.

After the official gave permission for each participant to leave their lane, she turned towards me.

Breath still in gasps, but she looked glad.

One of her team yelled from the other side of the track, congratulating her on her win.

Her voice wasn’t heard in response.

She simply smiled and pointed.

One index finger was all she used, but they got the message.

The win belonged to the Lord.

As others congratulated her she responded with:

“It’s all the Lord. He has really blessed me.”

And I took my cue from her example.

Each opportunity to share how the day went I began with:

“the Lord really blessed her…”.

Because it is true.

Yes, she has trained,


but her ability to compete is a gift from God.

The opportunity to be a member of the team is a gift from God.

The local Charter school which works with our family of homeschoolers is a gift from God.

And the shear determination to put out the hours of training our Bell has done, it too is a gift from God.

Nothing we do, no effort, achievement, or inspiration is separate from the Creator.

We are His and He gives each of us differently the blessings we enjoy daily.

What an incredible God He is!

Praise the Lord for His daily blessings.

Especially yesterday, as I was reminded to always

point to Him.

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