When it doesn’t…

…it just didn’t.

Nothing seemed to be working.

All week long…


I am a stubborn person.

It has been helpful.

Especially when taking control of myself.

The flesh, which screams for self, has often been put to death many a time simply by God using that stubborn strong will to help me.

Those moments when doing the right thing cost me so much more, the Lord used my strong will to help me walk in what was right.

And yet there have been times when my stubbornness has gone awry.

Those times when my flesh used it against me.

In those moments, it has been God alone which has helped me conquer both my flesh and my stubbornness.

Of course there are times when sin wins over and I’m left to repent and the scar of self is only healed by the nail scarred hands.

These past few days have been a struggle.

It’s been:

When it doesn’t work to just “try harder”.

When it doesn’t feel like progress.

When it doesn’t seem like positive ground.

Trust Me

Those simple words.

He speaks them often.

Why haven’t I learned yet?!

Why is trust so elusive?

Probably because it continues to be new.

Each path obstacle looks different and I have to learn how to trust in a new way.

It’s like forgiveness.

It’s a lifestyle,

not a




So as I step into another day,

as my foot steps forward on the path,

I’m asking the Lord to make my stubborn strong will learn how to trust.

Not just this moment, this hour, this day.

I want a lifestyle of trust.

That way,

when it doesn’t…I trust in Him.

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