For since the creation…

“For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen,…” Romans 1:20a NKJV

What can we learn about God from creation?

It is vast.

The knowledge of Who God is can be seen far and wide.

Yet our perspective is often tainted.

We look at creation after the fall.

Our sins and those of them who came before have left a stain.

Yet, the wonders of creation are still there to behold.

How incredibly creative our Heavenly Father is!

When looking around at a crowd of children the variety is incredible.

Each child lovingly crafted by a loving Creator.


Look past the lifestyle and just admire the creation of each person who passes.

Each person lovingly crafted by a loving Creator.

And not a single person is exactly like another.

Not even identical twins.

Every fingerprint is different.

Every DNA code unique.

What marvels have we yet to discover about the loving Creator through His intricate creation, mankind?

How does the mirror reflect another invisible attribute of a loving Creator?

Dear Jesus,

Please help me to walk in awe of You by looking at creation and understanding what Your attributes are. Thank You for every part of all that You have created. Open my mind and my heart to more of You, that I might glorify Your name and reflect Your wonderous attributes. That others might see and understand Who You really are.

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