Balancing Act

Balancing life’s changes can be a full time job.

As our daughter and son-in-law are learning.

It’s still something I’m walking in.

Since returning home it has been a continuing effort.

And it’s not unusual.

Anytime we have had a major change it has taken me a while to feel balance with life’s needs.




and priorities

are all new

and it takes time to sort them out.

As I lay awake this morning talking with the Lord about all, He reminded me it’s simply another part of the path.

How I handle the shuffling of life will reflect how I’m doing on the inside.

Yesterday it was a struggle.

As much as I wanted to just roll with things I wasn’t.

It ended with me needing to apologize for not speaking in a way that brought encouragement.

I hadn’t intended to harm with my words.

I thought I was being self controlled.

Yet it was clear the other person felt chewed up.


“I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. I really wasn’t trying to. I never intended to. Please forgive me.”

Which was granted by my gracious child, but I could still see hurt behind the smile.


So, I prayed and ask the Lord to forgive me and to heal the hurt I’d incurred.

And I went to bed realizing the whole thing had kept me from finishing up something I had as a priority.

And that is part of the balance.

Realizing that our family relationships will always take priority over any task.

Because people are so much more important than stuff, schedules or personal pleasure.

And the Lord is guiding us in each and every single circumstance if we take the time to listen.

Which is where I failed yesterday.

I spoke and didn’t listen to the soft gentle voice.

And I can learn from yesterday.

I can choose a better way.

Dear Jesus,

Please guide and direct my steps, my words, my actions. I do not want to cause pain. Please heal the hurt. Help me to start fresh today. Thank You for Your endless mercy and abounding grace.

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