“Meditate within your heart…”

“Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still.” Psalm 4:4b NKJV

At first I wasn’t really sure what the Lord was saying when He lead me to Psalm 4 this morning.

These words seemed to be in bold print and I read them over and over.

Then I began to pray.

I spoke with the Lord about many things and I asked Him many questions.

Meditate within your heart and be still.

“Lord, how am I missing this verse? What am I doing right now which doesn’t line up?”

Trust Me.

My eyes turned to the yard outside my room and then to the boxes piled inside.


“I understand. Forgive me Lord.”

It was obvious I’d been trying to sort out what action God wanted me to take for my morning, my day, my week.

And He’d already answered with the verse.

I’m supposed to spend time, in bed this morning, meditating on Him.

Boxes can wait.

There’s leftover pancakes from yesterday.

My heart must remain steadfast upon the Lord.

Nothing is as important as my time and my relationship with Jesus.

So, this morning I’m meditating within my heart on my bed, and I shall be still.

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