Home again

I thought it was so sweet.

Bell had arranged the teddy bears and a few photos which escaped the boxes.

It was obvious everyone had worked so hard to get our house at least livable for me.

And it is working!

I didn’t cough or struggle for breath.

I was able to sleep and not have to take my inhaler even once.

It was amazing.

I’m so thankful.

Thankful for my family.

Thankful for the air purifiers.

Thankful that I am feeling stronger than I have in so very long.

Thankful to God for the ability to return home.

To rejoin my family.

Thankful just to be able to make pancakes!

Thankful for the things I would have taken for granted this time last year.

And I know the path hasn’t ended.

I’m still going to have to be careful.

I still need to thoughtful about how I use my time and energy.

And I’m certain there’s still more to learn and opportunities to stretch.

And I’m positive Jesus shall be with me every step of the way.

May God’s name be glorified in my life today!

2 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Stan Smith

    Oh, Hope… It’s lovely to see your teddies all arranged in there and that you’re finally home with your Husband and family once more. Praise God!
    I have been following your long journey on here through all of this,….

    Me and Stan send all our love… We actually fly to San Francisco on 12th April we shall be with Travis and Loreina about the 22nd/23rd April. We are intending to also be at the Easter Sunday Service, in Camas, Valley.
    We understand you may be over with Charity as baby will certainly be here by then.! (exciting!!!!!)… But, who knows, we may get to see you. Our times, are in His hands πŸ‘….. We love you all.
    Linda and Stan xxx 😘

    1. hopekrissie Post author

      Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers. I’m sure you will have a lovely trip. You are correct in assuming we will mostly be north with Tim and Sis. It’s such an exciting time and such a blessing!


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