This wasn’t what I was expecting.

(Jan and John have been cooking amazing meals three times a day!)

Of course I really didn’t know what to expect.

Yet this past week of living with friends has been so full.

The sweet people all around me have been more than kind, they’ve been incredible!

(The people where I’m staying, at work, my family, my friends… it’s been incredible.)

And I’m really overwhelmed by all of it.

Yet with all the things which have happened I realized four days ago my perspective is off.

I’ve been so thankful for everything and everyone, but each day I seem to miss my family with an increased longing.

I hadn’t realized what was happening in my heart till my words betrayed me.

I exaggerated.

I’d been sharing with a co-worker the adventure of our current living status.

“It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve lived at home. I miss my family. ”

They were so kind and offered their sympathy.

Yet, their words weren’t what came to mind later.

It was mine that stung my memory.

I was wrong.

When I’d said 3 weeks.

I hadn’t meant to tell it wrong.

Some how my brain had taken the two weeks it has been and stretched them to three.

Isn’t it funny how our emotions can warp our perspective?

I’ve not had the opportunity to correct my words with my co-worker, but I have had time to repent of my perspective.

After all the dear kind things people have done for me these two weeks in my heart I’d simply been looking at what was lacking.

I hadn’t even realized it.

Scripture is so true!

“Now godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1 Timothy 6:6

I failed to be content with my circumstances.

After all the Lord has abundantly provided for all my needs.

He has ordered all my steps.

Why focus on what is lacking?

Frankly, it’s easy.

It’s easier to feel sorrowful over the things which are missing than joyful over the ones we have.

So as I walk into another week, I’m asking the Lord to help me focus on the things He’s prepared while being content to wait for the ones He is preparing.

2 thoughts on “Exaggerated

  1. Stan Smith

    Hi Hope we love you… How are you feeling….. That meal looks delicious….. Are you back in the Camas area now living with friends? I would miss my family too…. If I was in your situation, I think that’s allowed my Sister…. This is but for a season. Thank God for loving Christian friends eh…. You are in our thoughts and prayers Lots of love ♥️ Linda 😘 x

    1. hopekrissie Post author

      Yes, last week and this week I’m staying with friends. God’s provision and care throughout this journey has been astounding. May God bless and encourage you. ♡


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