I’m no longer 38.

I’m 42,


Praise the Lord!

With this birthday I wanted to look over what I’ve learned.

To open myself before the Lord.

How am I doing with my list of lifestyle changes?

I needed to go back and look at them again:

1. My age is nothing to be embarrassed about. Because it’s a testament to life, a gift from God.

2. Each day is a special gift. No matter what happens, Jesus is with me and has something in each and every day.

3. People are far more important than tasks. No task, chore, or accomplishment will ever be as important as one soul.

4. Each person’s value was complete at their conception. God, Himself creates each individual and the worth of one person is so precious Jesus died for every single one.

5. You can never be too thankful or too loving. There’s such selfish ugliness in the world due to sin, that it’s a constant surrender to the Lord of oneself to be loving and thankful.

I can say there are days I’ve walked in these lessons.

And honestly, days I’ve not.

With this reality comes God’s mercy. He has helped me come back to them. He has taught me them again and again, with each lesson bringing out their beauty.

As I’ve learned new ways to surrender due to my health and learned to rest in His Sovereignty with all that is occurring I’m becoming more pliable.

And He’s added new lessons.

6. God is good, all the time. Nothing evil is of God, so when all I can see is evil, I’m looking at the wrong things.

7. Surrender is a daily, sometimes minute-by-minute choice. Many things in life which I’ve clung to have actually hindered my walk with Christ. I have to cling to Jesus and His word before holding on to anything else.

8. Thankfulness is a lifestyle which must be chosen, but brings amazing rewards. As I’ve learned to be thankful, no matter what is occurring, it’s opened up a clearer perspective of God.

9. What I think is best rarely is relevant. Too often my opinions are based on my shortsighted views and when I come at life with a willingness to love instead of get my own way God is able to help me find His best for me and those around me.

10. Life is too short and too valuable to waste on what is temporary. True riches are godliness, mercy, grace, integrity, love, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, thankfulness, and peace. They are not easily added to one’s character but they are so much more rewarding than trophies, pleasure, or stuff.

And I still have so much more to learn!

But the most important lesson I’ve learned is this:

11. Time spent with Jesus in prayer and study of the Bible is the most valuable and eternal time. It has been so very sweet to spend more time with my Savior. It has showed me where true blessings are found, has increased my understanding, and has been the place I’ve found rest and peace.

No matter how sick I have been, Jesus has carried me through.

No matter what physical or emotional pain I’ve endured, Jesus has carried me through.

No matter what tomorrow holds, Jesus will be there too.

What a wonderful gift to receive this birthday!

And every day.

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