One of my favorite colors

Sis came in from shopping yesterday and tossed a bag onto the bed.

“Happy birthday!”

I smiled.

“Well, thank you!”

We both know my birthday isn’t till next week.

But it didn’t matter.

She knew I had run out of yarn.

She also knew crocheting has brought me joy as I’ve been able to make things while I’m resting.

It was love.

Her love for me.

And it was Jesus.

She’d been uncertain which yarn to buy.

But felt this was the one.

I smiled.

“It’s one of my favorite colors. Thank you sweetheart.”

A smile lit her beautiful face.

“Oh Mom! I’d forgotten.”

I’ve been crocheting since and feeling so blessed.

Not only has God provided for my needs in incredible ways, He’s gone the extra distance.

He blessed my hands and mind with something to do.

No one will ever convince me God is anything but good.

I’ve seen it in the large and in the tiny.

I’ve experienced it in the life changing and in the mundane.

He’s all loving.

He’s gentle and kind.

And He cares enough to even direct something as inconsequential as the color of my birthday present.

What an amazing God!

2 thoughts on “One of my favorite colors

  1. Linda Smith

    Dearest Hope. Been following all your blogs. Wasn’t sure how to reply or comment… (“this is an attempt) hope yiu can see it! Just so yiu know me and Stan are thinking of you and you’ve been in our prayers. What a time you have had with your health, which seemed to start when we were there in September…. Yiu were clearly not well then, and slept the whole way home from out day trip to the coast. Did you get a definitive diagnosis in the end? You were having investigations, blood work etc for a while.?… We know that Jered is working on getting the house remodelled as, we speak. That’s a huge project. Where will all the family live? I know you are with Tim and Charity just now, is it planned for you to stay there? Won’t be long before baby arrives!!!!
    We love you Hope, we will be in Camas in about 5 weeks.. If you are around we will see you. Xx

    1. hopekrissie Post author

      Thank you! Yes, I’ve been diagnosed with asthma and severe allergy to dust mites. I’m currently living with Jan and John. The family is living in the other house where you normally stay when here. We are unsure what all is going to happen next, but I am supposed to go back and stay with Tim and Sis at the end of this month. God bless you both! Love and hugs to you.


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