“Good news! You just have a chronic illness. “

It was like the snow covering our car.

“Your blood work says there’s nothing wrong with your immune system, you just have asthma.”

The voice was perky and expectant. She was communicating this was definitely good news.

I was thankful to hear it.

Just as the beauty of the snow is a blessing, I was blessed by the fact that my body is not broken in that way.

Then another thought crossed my brain.

“Then why am I still struggling?”

After a few questions with the kind nurse I hung up.


The snow is beautiful, but it means living differently to accommodate the cold.

The blood test is a good thing, but it means there’s no fixing my every day struggle.

I have asthma.

I’m going to have to learn how to live with it.

I have allergies.

I’m going to have to change my lifestyle permanently to avoid some of those things.

Our house is going to have to change to get rid of the allergens.

“Praise the Lord.”


“Lord, even in this let me always sing Your praises.”

It was fitting.

Anne put a CD of Christian music on.

She doesn’t know how much it blessed me.

I may not have the breath to sing, but my heart can.

If I never feel as good as in the past it really doesn’t matter.

This is where true praise comes from.

“Thank You Jesus for all that this new path has for me and my family. Thank You for every step You are taking me on. If I never recover my former health I know You will be with me. I know You are working in this. I know I can trust You. May Your name be praised from ever part of the Earth and into eternity.”

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