It’s a test.

“It’s a test.”

“I know, but it makes no sense!”

Frustration was in every fold, each line and feature.

“It’s a test.

Child, jaw tight, pencil in a choke-hold, lip quivering…

“Take a deep breath. Try to calm down. Just do your best.”

My heart ached.

I want to help, but giving the answers doesn’t show what the child knows.

A test is to help both child and adult see what has been learned and what needs to be taught again.

For me,

I know God is well aware of what I know.

The test is to show me what I still need to learn.


It isn’t fun.


I have been the frustrated child on more than one occasion.

But just like my heart aches for the youngster, God’s heart is even more compassionate.

Yet He loves me enough to teach me, to show me where I’m lacking, to bring to my awareness a lesson which needs review or a weakness in an application.

And tests teach trust.

I know God is testing me, but He’s also teaching me.

He’s right beside me.

He’s reminding me of what I’ve already learned, what I already know, and

He’s promising to continue my education.

There’s always more to learn about Him, myself, those around me, and life.

And whether I realize I’m in a test or not I can praise God for Who He is.

“Praise You Lord! What an incredible teacher You are.”

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