Heaven is going to be amazing…

Something about sunsets makes me feel closer to heaven.

I think it’s the overwhelming beauty which is simply a tiny sliver of the grandeur which awaits.

Creation fills me with awe.

And to realize it’s not the full deal,

heaven awaits!

After a long exhausting day my husband looked at me.

“Heaven is going to be amazing for you.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“I mean, you have been sick a lot. Most of your adult life you’ve struggled with being unwell.”

His eyes held such compassion.

“In heaven you will never have to deal with that again. How awesome will that be for you!”

I reached over and held his hand.

“Yes, it will.”

And it was a new way of looking at heaven for me.

For many years now heaven has held such expectations.

I know so many people there.

Especially Dad.

(Dad died in 1999.)

I do look forward to life without the stains of sin.

But more than any other reason,

I look forward to seeing


How I long to see Jesus.

To hear His voice with my ear and my heart.

To worship before Him.

To praise Him for His goodness.

To thank Him for His mercy.

How I long to see JESUS.

My husband is right.

Heaven is going to be


It’s not just for me.

Heaven is for everyone.

All that is required is to lay one’s sin at the cross and accept Jesus as LORD.

I have made that choice.

Dear Reader, I hope you have as well.

Then we can wait,


till it’s our time to move to heaven.

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