When the path disappears

“Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.”

I was getting out of the car so I hadn’t realized what the man was talking about.

He wasn’t speaking to me.

But it didn’t take long for my husband to cover what he’d been saying.

It meant all our plans had just fallen through.

What now?

We prayed for guidance.

We talked briefly about the options.

Later we chatted with the kids and then prayed again.

Sleep was fitful and finally I dreamed that 2 men were trying to kill me.

My husband was trying to protect me and find a safe place, but it kept failing.

I woke feeling disturbed.

My dream seemed to reflect a condition of reality.

With my health problems lately we’ve been listening to the doctor and making changes, but at times it’s discouraging.

One such moment was when we realized our house is part of the reason I’m sick.

And we can’t move.

Yesterday’s report was another discouragement.

So we are praying for God to show us the path.

What His plan is.

And we know He is faithful.

He will answer.

He will show us what His will is.

And while we wait, we will be seeking Him.

“Dear Father,

This it’s hard for us. We don’t understand what You are calling us to do right now but we’re willing to wait until we do. Thank You for all that You’ve already done for us and how You’re continuing to guide us on this journey that will ever bring us closer to You.”

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