Living in prayer

“I’ll pray for that.”

It’s something which often comes through my lips.

And my heart’s cry to the Lord is to follow through and spend time in prayer for each and every request.

Infact it was prayer time this morning, before my day has begun when the Lord brought to mind a truth.

Time spent in prayer is the most important thing I do.

Nothing is as eternal.

Because really my personal abilities compared to God is insignificant.

Yet my time spent with Him,

that’s life changing.


Because it’s not about what I do.

It’s about how the journey shapes who I am in Him.

There’s no secret to my time with the Lord.

We chat.

I tell Him about my concerns or my fears.

I tell Him about my experiences and expectations.

I lift up those around me for many things, but mostly that each person would come to know Him more fully.

I talk about my grief caused by a world saturated with sin and I lift up the innocent to Him.

I talk with the LORD about my desires for our garden.

I speak with Him about each member of my family.

I thank Him for…

He listens.

He talks to me about trust.

He tells me about those around me and how to pray specifically for the individual.

He tells me how He feels about me.

He reminds me of Who He really is.

He comforts me and tells me of grace.

He walks with me and tells me to leave all my desires and plans in His hands.

He tells me He is carrying me.

He reminds me that this is not my permanent home.

More than anything, I have such joy in simply spending time together.

My time with the LORD is very precious.

Truly, there’s nothing I value more than living with the LORD in prayer.

And as I step into another day, working to live, I’ll be praying.

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