(This is a guest post from our Anne.)

Have you ever felt


I think everyone does,

at least once in their lives.

Have you wondered why you are on this earth?

“Why am I here? What is my purpose?

It’s not like I’m going to change history.

I’m ordinary,

I’ll never end up in the history books.”

Probably not.

Of course even if you did, it would probably occur after your death and you wouldn’t know about it.

Whether you are recorded in a book for someone else to study or not,

you are still a blessing.

This earth has been blessed because there’s no other you on the entire face of the whole earth.

God only made one.

Do you feel like you have to pretend for other people to like and accept you?

Just remember, there’s no such thing as normal.

We are all made unique.

And God doesn’t make junk.

When you feel worthless just remember that the most important person who ever walked this earth




“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have ever lasting life.”

John 3:16

If you live your life for Jesus, than your life means more than any dates in a history book.

You do matter.

Infact, you are worth far more than you know.

When you feel worthless, unloved, remember we have an enemy and thoughts like those are used by him.

He makes us blind so that we don’t feel loved.

If he can use your own feelings against you to destroy your joy, he will.

You may not have anyone in your life who you feel loves you, but Jesus does and He always will.

Jesus is the best friend anyone could ever wish for.

No matter where you live, or what you look like, what you own or wish you did,

you matter to Jesus.

You’re worth is priceless.

Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

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