More to come…

The moments seemed to crystallize before me.

My seat afforded me comfort, but I couldn’t feel it.

The room around me was peacefully quiet, but my ears were full of noise.

My mind was the only thing able to take in all the information, all the things going on and to filter them.

Yet, the moments crept on.



“Lord, I need You.”

tears begin to form




“LORD, how many times do I take my rescue inhaler before this stops?”



I can’t keep the tears from


I don’t feel panic,

but still unsure,

when will this attack,


“Lord, please bring someone to help me. I don’t know what else to do.”

short gasping gives way-

-to coughing, coughing, coughing-

And in walks a deacon from our church.

He thinks I’m suffering from a cold and comments accordingly.

I have so little air I can’t make myself be understood at first.

He comes nearer.

I managed to whisper,

“I’m having an asthma attack.”

His eyebrows shot up and he gently puts a hand on my shoulder and starts to pray.

Deeply thankful to Jesus, I bow my head.

I stop coughing.

My chest eases.

By the end of his prayer I’m breathing normally.

I get up, thank him.

He nods and replies,

“You know God sometimes doesn’t answer the big things, but He steps in and answers the small ones which just let’s us know He’s really listening. God bless you today!”

I stop and smile.

“He already has.”

His answered prayer for me to breathe wasn’t a small thing to me.

It was a milestone.

An enormous sign on my journey-path which proclaimed the words I most needed.

I am with you. I am hearing you. I am providing for you, even this.

Unless I’d experienced the pain and helplessness of an asthma attack like that one, I’d never have had an understanding of just how precious each breath is.

The gift of instantly answered prayer, that moment is a jewel I shall treasure.

Unless I’d experienced the helplessness of the situation, I’d have missed the enormous gift of a caring prayer and an ever-so-faithful God.

The moment has as much meaning and beauty for me as the stunning stain-glassed windows of a Gothic cathedral.






And with each breath,

with each step,

with each day of the journey,

I can rest quietly in the truth:

“There’s more to come…”

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