“I don’t want to!”


No, it’s not the cat.

Nope, it’s not the kids.

Nor is it any of the students.

It’s me.

All I could think as I watched my calendar getting closer to my appointment was:

“I don’t want to!”

Silly, I know.

I’m an adult.

Yet, I really really do not like going to the doctor’s.

The crazy thing is not that many years ago the exact same doctor saved my life by performing surgery on me.

However, all I could seem to do when faced with an upcoming visit was whine to the Lord about how much I didn’t want to go.

I have felt like a
spoiled…you get the idea.


All my attitudes and complaining and dragging my feet were pointless.

I had a great visit.

My doctor has always been great.

This was no exception.

I left with a smile and skipped down the stairs.

About the time I got to the car I realized I had worried and agitated myself for no reason,

Well, as I’m always saying to the kids:
“If it’s a mistake you learn from,
it’s a mistake worth making.”

Prayerfully I won’t allow my attitude to degrade the next time I have a visit on the calendar.

Better yet.

Prayerfully I won’t allow fear and worry to creep into my mind when expecting an event, no matter what it is.

“Dear Jesus,

Thank You for my doctor, his staff, and all the people in the medical field who work to keep others healthy. Thank You for all the wonderful ways You created these bodies and all the amazing things they can do. Please forgive me for my sour attitude. Please help me to learn from today’s experience. Please be patient with this stubborn stiff-necked child who has the arrogance to tell You what I do and do not want. Please give me a humble heart, one full of trust.”

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