God is awesome


“Rejoice in the LORD always. Again I will say, rejoice! ” Philippians 4:4

Some days it’s easier than others, but Jesus deserves all praise.

Not only did God create everything.

Not only did Jesus come as a man to pay our debt of sin.

Not only does He provide for every detail of life.

He cares for each and every individual.

He wants to comfort, guide, and walk with every single person every moment of their lives and mine.

I’m certain of this through God’s Word.

I’m a testament to God’s faithfulness.

Yesterday, I had a moment of supreme stress.

My husband called to inform me his bank card wasn’t working, he couldn’t return to his hotel room, where everything he and our daughter had including passport were, his phone was nearly dead and he needed me to get some money to him.

I realized that it being Saturday afternoon my options were limited.

I started praying.

I asked our Anne to pray.

Then started working on the problem.

Miraculously, God answered.

The entire thing was sorted in about 10 minutes.

Only God can work in such amazing ways.

Only God can give peace even when all looks bleak.

God alone is worthy of our praise because of He is awesome.

“Dear Jesus,

Thank You for stepping into our moment of need and bringing a quick resolution. Thank You for all the things You are doing, especially the ones I do not even know about it. You alone are worthy of all honor, all glory, and all praise!”

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