It’s been 10 years


…and part of my heart still resides in the U.K.

I didn’t know why God was calling us to move there.

I didn’t know why He called us to be there so short a time.

I didn’t know why we were called back to Oregon.

Yet, I know our one year in Manchester changed us permanently.

It was God’s tool to grow us, hone us, draw us closer to Him, and closer to each other.

It amazes me how God does things, especially when I’m resting fully in His arms.

As we were driving to the airport last week for my husband’s flight it came to light that his connecting flight was at an airport he habitually gets sick upon touch down.

His comment: “Honey, I get so sick every time I fly in and out of that airport. Please don’t ever schedule my flights to connect there again. The best way to go is into Amsterdam and then into Manchester. Next time, schedule it that way. That’s my favorite flight.”

I responded that I’d be praying for him not to get sick this time.

Then I prayed for him and all his fly time.

Much later I dropped him at the airport.

Due to circumstances he asked that I leave him at the curb, so when he got in touch with me later to relate that his flight was delayed 6 hours my first emotion was concern.

He reassured me quickly.

“Honey, they’re putting me on another flight, Amsterdam to Manchester. ”


My response: “I guess God is just blessing you.”

His smile audible, “I thought the same thing.”

No, I don’t think God caused the delay.

Yes, I do think He used it.

“Dear God,

Thank You for all the things You have done in our lives and family. Thank You for teaching me how faithful You are.You have never left us. You have never forsaken us. You have given us so much: mercy, truth, faith, kindness, grace, love,…the list has no end. Thank You!”

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