Belle’s post


(The following is from our Bell. She’s still in the UK, and Daddy is there now as well. I thought it would be fun to post what God has been doing in her heart.)

Hey back from the Lakes!
Had a lot of fun with Mark and Carol-Anne.

Anyhow  I am feeling a lot better!
Praise the Lord!
Thank you guys for your prayers.

I have been thinking and praying on what the Lord has been teaching me on this trip.

Don’t get me wrong the Lord is teaching me about 100 things and I have more to learn.
But the most I have been taught is:
I am special.

Over here it is normal for girls my age to show off their bodies.

When I first came it felt like I was nothing compared to these girls.

From the outside it looks like they have all they want!

But do they really?
Are they really happy on the inside?
Are they content with what they have?


They want to feel special, to feel as if they are worth something.

So the only way they know how to get that is from boys.

To catch their attention and do whatever it takes to feel special.

Is it really worth it?

To give up the most precious thing they have to boys just to feel special?


What is the most precious thing they have?

Their love,
their life,
their trust.

That seems to be one of the most wanted things,
to give it just to receive security.

But what they don’t know is that there is a God that wants the most special thing of all.

You know what it is?

Its you.

Its me.

Its them.

He wants all of us!
Not just half,
or a quarter but all of us.

He wants our love, our life, our trust.

If we just give Him that we will be bound in a relationship that can never be broken.

One which will never grow old.
Which will never be lost.


Because He chose us,
before He made the foundation of the Earth.

We are His children.

Praise the Lord!

After the Lord reminded me of  that I started praising Him.

I am worth something.

I am His child!

Don’t forget.

You guys are special too!

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