A lion


Yes, it’s a lion.

Obviously a statue.

But this guy has held still for us to take innumerable pictures over the years.

He and his wife are stationed outside the Orangery at Heaton Park UK.

When we lived there it was literally across the street from our house.

Many days did we stroll over and spend time walking the paths, playing on the equipment, or just sitting enjoying the scenery.

Of course my kids always wanted to sit on the lion.

When Bell sent me this picture of her I had to smile.

What lovely memories that old lion brings.

How comforting to see our girl enjoying some of the things we enjoyed together, so long ago.

How important it is to stop and praise God for all He has done.

Life is so much more than self.

Living is so much broader than fulfillment of one’s desires.

True joy can be found in a life surrendered to Jesus.

I know because if it had been up to me and my ideals my family would never have crossed the ocean, much less moved there.

But God…

He made it clear we were to walk away from all the security of a solid career for my husband, a house without a mortgage, family and friends.

It was so tough.

I remember the day I sold our children’s toys at a yard sale.

I remember watching my two year old son have set backs each time we moved from place to place.

I remember when one of the few toys my daughter got to carry in her suitcase all the way to the UK was stolen by another child.

It was full of blessings too.

I remember being without a place to stay and having a newlywed couple move out of their house so we could live there.

I remember the welcome from the church when we arrived.

I still remember all the friends we made, and love them dearly.

I remember the children in the Christmas program we put together.

I remember the women’s Bible study.

The list of blessings is so long.

It far out weighs any trials we faced.

So, as I look at this beautiful picture of a lion and Bell I’m so glad.

“Dear Jesus,

Thank You for taking us to the UK. Thank You that we still get to visit there. Thank You that our girl is there now and my husband soon will be. Thank You for making us live Your plans, for they are so much better than mine. Thank You for every detail I can’t possibly understand.  I love you! “

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