I’m forgiven!


The ocean.

A beach.

It has been a place I’ve never grown weary of.

Possibly because I don’t live close enough to be bothered by the unsavory.

Yet the waves ever washing the sand bring to me a calm.

The rhyme and rhythm of salty hands polishing every stone as they pass.

In and out bringing beauty of foam and sting to the air.


The ocean beating on the beach speaks so loudly of a God who set them in motion and constantly watches over all of His creation.

The constant washing of the waves brings into focus the way Jesus has washed my soul from the blacked death we call sin.

As I think on the miles and miles of coast, the depths of the ocean we know so little about, or take in the massive forms of the beasts who live there my heart swells.

In all His wisdom and grace and ability God created each cell, amoeba, and every grain of sand.

Certainly, I can place my trust in Him.

Surely, He is able to shoulder my needs and cares.

Definitely, He is my every need and the fullness of all I desire.

For at the bottom of all Jesus has forgiven me of my sin and saved me from living for myself.

He has renewed my life daily by teaching me through His word the joys of life to the fullest, not in position or possession, but in service and love of those around me.

In each day I can see His hand.

I can feel His love

and praise Him for His forgiveness.

Blessed be the name of the LORD!

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