Time change


They weren’t open when I left.

It’s only been a few days.

The unfurled crimson has completely transformed these once spiky green stalks into beauty.

I’m so thankful for every bud and bloom.

I love flowers.

They seem so fitting today.

The sun is out.

The sky is blue with just a few puffs of whiteness to decorate.

And I’m reminded of how great God is.

How good God is.

How loving God is.

Only in Him can I find true meaning, fulfillment, and joy.

Only in these moments of stillness before Him do I seem to be able to drink in His awesomeness.


Only God is truly awe inspiring, because with every mountain peek or earth shattering waterfall which instills a sense of awe, He is the Creator.

With every sonnet and ballad and marvelous instrumentals we call Beethoven, Mozart, or Mendelssohn even in those He was the author.

Truly, there is so much to be amazed by.

Especially when times are difficult and life is overwhelming.

What a beautiful wonderful God!

Let all creation sing His praises!

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