A memory


This was so fun!

All our girls getting their ears pierced.

I did surprise them.

By crying.

It was fairly comical.

Bell was up and had just gotten one ear done when suddenly my eyes filled with tears.

Her reaction was to get wide-eyed and very stiff.

The lady doing the piercing thought she was in pain, but before she could say anything Bell blurted out, “Mom! Don’t cry!

I had to chuckle.

She couldn’t understand that I was stepping back in time 10 years to when she got her ears pierced the first time.

She was so cute and very brave.

She didn’t cry or tear-up in the slightest.

Now I was watching her again and it hit me.

My girls are all grown-up.

Yes, the younger 2 will be at home for a bit longer, but they are little girls no longer.


Anne hugged me and tried to make me feel better.

Sis grinned and reminded me I was already emotional since we were doing this on her 20th birthday.

As soon as they were finished I insisted on a picture.

They gladly consented.

Now, each time I see their lovely earrings I think of the fun outing.

I’m so blessed by God.

Our daughters are all people I’m thrilled to be in contact with.

They are unique and a blessing.

I truly can’t imagine life without them.

So as I learn to enjoy these last times of my daughters altogether, I am trying to make them count.

As we all grow older our lives will change and we will spend less time together.

I want the times I have left to be valuable.

Not focused on what we are doing, but truly pouring into who we are becoming in Christ.

Dear Jesus,

Thank You so much for our girls. It is difficult for me not to worry about the future. I find myself trying to plan things that are unrealistic just to ensure their peace and comfort. I know this world is not a peaceful or comfortable place much of the time, so please help me to instead focus on honing their character. Please walk with them in a personal way, so no matter their path they will trust and follow You. Again, thank You for our beautiful daughters! “

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